Free Shit (ft: Ylem & Mei Saraswati)

by Mathas

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“…there’s a pretty impressive art in keeping us involved. Procuring and nurturing a consumer from the youngest age possible by whatever means necessary. From neurological study on infant reactions to sound and colour, to hosting brand-specific children’s birthday parties at the company’s expense, there are clever ways to warm our hearts to a brand’s “message” as a youngster and keep it relevant for the entirety of our lives.
Perhaps what a brand endeavours to be is something like an imaginary friend, that blanky you cuddle for comfort before all else. And what better way to secure trust in the relationship.. than to give you that free shit first?” – Mathas


We’ll take all the presents you can give us free of charge,
wrestle in the doorway to a mall this large,
put a price on anything, you’re gonna have to pay,
or sit around collecting coupons all day every day.

Turned up at the door with a case,
shovel ready suit and tie,
living on a lifetime high,
collar with a hot steam iron.
Digging though the baby’s mind
with a matte of fine wires to map brain-science,
pliable playdough, young minds,
inspire to accessorise.
That lullaby living,
colour code rhythm,
lusting bliss out the box in a box.
Your prey mate,
your score, later-day saint you aint no more.
Young baby,
pudge and dimples,
forehead prepped and tapped though the temple,
cuffed by the ankle,
stuffed with a teddybear,
pull cords everywhere,
mold’em good.
And that’s good right?
Set for their whole life?
For a few quick minutes of your time?
You’ll get that free shit first,
you’ll keep those coins in your purse
just let us study their face,
just let us watch them play,
for a couple of minutes with this toy,
for a couple weeks on each day.
Timeline of a life form who
buys up before their time goes flat,
gotta load up quick before its all gone,
stock pile in a bunkered stash.
You are only what you own.
You can one day have it all.
The playing field is level,
keep kicking that pebble.

All the free shit in the world will free your mind..
All the free shit in the world will free your mind..
All the free shit only free if we have your time..
All the free shit in the world will free your mind..

(Mei Saraswati)
Head first,
Falling into the bargain bin through the looking glass,
Alice in wonderland.
Seems all too good to be true,
They’re throwing it away,
Freebie frisbee, catch the bait.

Giving away your freedom.. for free.

Edible prize and a wine pair course,
groupon coupon smothered in sauce,
ram for that new screen, new tablet,
capulet family sweatshop meme.
Free beer coaster, free toaster,
giftwrap ghost a free-fished ocean,
free lotions and love potions invoke hope in the home so vocal.
Endorsed by the silicon people,
flawless, none born equal,
gods on billboards winking down,
witches fitted with collagen crowns,
keep you in front of our mediums,
eating your weeties in time with the jingle and single you out,
for a limited time only, call now.
This brochure knows you well,
it held you as an infant,
it knew vibrations only you could hear, those oldies missed it.
You gave it its own name, pillared it’s importance,
kept you snuggled safe when all those closet monsters haunted.
Sound and flash and fury,
your best friend, judge and jury
your brand, your club, your bud, your choice to broadcast every movement.
The smell of gingerbread, the crumbs to lead you back with,
the sack of goodies that we packed you for the ride.

All the free shit in the world will free your mind..
All the free shit in the world will free your mind..
All the free shit only free if we have your time..
All the free shit in the world will free your mind..


released March 5, 2015
Music: Ylem
Raps: Mathas
Sings: Mei Saraswati
Mix: Ryan Burge
Master: William Bowden @ King Willy Sound



all rights reserved


Mathas Perth, Australia

In the great sea of guys that rap in Australia, Mathas is certainly one of those guys.


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