White Sugar (2011)

by Mathas

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A little study of personal flaws, habitual behaviour and the extreme consumption of heavily refined and processed foods in the western world.


Listen up sucker, time for your supper
cup of white dust in your pancake crust
sugar cane came with a thrust of the industry
smoke billows out back from the factory
cooking up the white gold
stock-piled high
stuffed in your cola, colon, bowels
food-like substance
eye drop flavour
combo chemical 625
jumbo cup til the molars rot, served with a burger, sundae, fries
on a Sunday, one day we might find, every shit don’t need 3-ply
western diet, fire in the fats
pie in the fryer, crackling back
every single thing ive put down in a week that I eat adds a little bit of sweet to my tea

Before my coronary I’ll have to reschedule
White sugar is the motherfucking devil
White flour by the hour in my temple
White life push earth til it cancel
No self hate but the brown stuffs great
Everything white leaves rubble in its wake
Just cos its edible don’t mean it’s credible
White sugar is the motherfucking devil

Not clear why im here in the first place
i shovel shit down my throat so I cope
reproduced article flashed on the shit box
telling me the ice cream’s good with a tissue
issues making the sweet fix the prefix
til the belly screaming 666
nightmares come and the fungus lives
and im trying to be my own exorcist
til the detox peacock feathers up its ego
and my friends drink piss by the pissload
and the portions stare with an awesome glare
void there on the plate where the meat goes
hollow as a politician motto with a bottle when he’s blotto
that he offers as a pot of gold topic
how bout a little bit info for my kin folk before the health bill gets vetoed?

Nobody here on the same level
white sugar is the motherfucking devil
white bread, margarine spread
yelling white power to ethnic cleanse
no self hate but the brown stuffs great
too much white make the world turn lame
Might be edible but don’t digest it all
White sugar is the motherfucking devil.

I cant stop til I down the whole tub
white sugar is Beelzebub
even dairy death stare me with a cheesy grin
and a lactose skin
flock to the canteen, stop for a drink in the stock fridge
fructose syrup in my choc milk
plus when I drink up, guts go world war II
on the backhand slap out the beer tap
as a yeasty chaser
get lost in the buzzwords in the newspaper
Low G.I, No Fat, No Flavour, New and Improved, 90% safer,
Homestyle recipe, Riboflavin… honestly what the fucks a riboflavin?
Omega 3 sourced Naturally and nothing artificial, Organic in the pantry

Rearrange all my white blood cells and platelets
make em panic constantly with edible replacements
for food I coulda, shoulda, woula maybe eaten later
but first give me a bacon rasher with lashings of maple
White sugar is the devil.


released June 28, 2011
Music & Lyrics: Mathas
Mixed by: Lewis Galaga @ Loop Studio
Mastered by: Ylem



all rights reserved


Mathas Perth, Australia

In the great sea of guys that rap in Australia, Mathas is certainly one of those guys.


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